Unrecognized Danger

Posted by Larry Miller on November 2, 2011 under Why | Be the First to Comment

This video of Professor Abdullah Al-Nafisi reveals several problems we are currently facing. He is talking about the ease of using biological weapons against any populated area. It gives us a chilling reminder of how ineffective our defenses are along the border where such weapons would likely be smuggled in. The diminutive size of the weapon means in would fit in an automobile glove box or a business man’s briefcase.

It also means that it would not be difficult to smuggle into the United States in the backpack of a Mexican or Iranian slipping across the Rio Grande or in a fishing boat across one of the Great Lakes. Unfortunately the regime in Washington is more interested in keeping tabs on tea party members than keeping out potential Democrat voters.

Even with the threat of mass devastation, our government is more concerned with the devastation of their re-election prospects. Then we have the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that would rather pursue the supposed health hazards of civilian possession of guns than the prevention of death on such a massive scale.

Unfortunately, the operations of so many parts of our government have become so politicized that they couldn’t fulfill their intended functions if our lives depended on it… and they may well.

Just recently the CDC recommended an expansion of their intrusion into our lives and further destruction of parental rights to raise their children as they see fit, by recommending that boys receive Gardasil in addition to the girls who have already been forced to submit to the state while Merck & Company laughs all the way to the bank.

Usually, required drugs guard against diseases that are spread by casual contact. Gardasil works to prevent the human papillomavirus (HPV) that is most often spread through sexual contact. Again, our government is taking a broad brush approach to avoid dealing with the real issue.

A few years ago, it was found that 95% of HIV infected homosexual men in a San Francisco study had anal HPV infection as well. Half of these had precancerous HPV caused lesions. To protect the feelings of these people who have taken another path to satisfaction, and to obscure the real problem, once again we are all expected to put our children at risk. We are just to accept the decision of our betters that the drug that, as of the beginning of 2011, has caused the deaths of at least 103 young women. Beyond this, it has a history of producing seizures, strokes and a whole host of other ailments, with no know cure.

In either case, political correctness in our government prevents it from dealing with the real issues threatening our land. Our leaders are chasing one red herring after another, never willing to pursue the real danger. They are always more concerned with the danger to their political power.

Whether they are doing this purposely, or through ignorance of the real danger, the people running the show are a clear and present danger to every last one of us. We permit them to remain in power at our own risk. It’s fine to support your favorite candidate. Let’s just not do it to the point that splinters the opposition that will drive these liberal progressive academic theorists far from the levers of power.

Sure we need to deal with the Federal Reserve, EPA overreach, ObamaCare… but the first thing we have to do is pry the deranged Marxists from the city on the Potomac. That has got to be our first priority. We stop the hemorrhaging of our freedoms before the repairs can begin.

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