Who Is Obama Threatening?

Posted by Larry Miller on October 4, 2011 under How | Read the First Comment

Obama Hussein ObamaDid you ever notice that whenever Barack Hussein Obama gets himself all worked up about congress not giving him more and more of our dollars to fritter away, he always falls back on threatening the same people. These are voters who legitimately depend on government checks to live. There are the folks on social security, military and federal retirees, and the ever present police, teachers and firemen (if you will forgive the politically incorrect term).

It seems that the only places the Democrats and some Republicans can come up with to save money is in areas they know the people will reject. It is not only dishonest, which is not surprise nowadays for members of the political class, but this approach also insures our country will never see any progress in returning fiscal.

I would like to suggest to both parties that there are far more productive paths that can be followed to more economical government. They are never suggested because the inside the beltway crowd knows that the people will embrace the cuts and a part of the gravy train will end for the connected class.

What are some of these paths? Let’s look at several, that like five hundred lawyers at the bottom of the ocean, would be a good start.

We could begin by looking at many of the foreign aid programs the state department loves as a way to buy us some friends. It doesn’t seem to be working. Our foreign aid has been described as a transfer of money from the poor people of America to the rich dictators around the world. Beyond this, it is just one more form of corporate welfare as often a large percentage of the funds need to spent in the US with US companies… often military suppliers.

Considering schemes like Obama’s plan to give tanks to the new Egyptian government run by the Muslim Brotherhood, we see policies that make Fast and Furious look like child’s play. Do we really want to arm the people that hate everything about us but our President? And they really aren’t sure about him.

Next, we might want to reconsider all the funds that are going to programs benefiting illegal aliens. The liberal progressives tell us they are here… we have to do something to help them. What they fail to understand that the more they give away, the more people come here and line up for their share. It is not compassionate to keep people subsisting on taxpayer dollars when they could be productive citizens in their home land. People that have the initiative to leave the land of their birth and go to another place of perceived opportunity are the the kind of people that can make their own countries a better place.

We could even look at all the new federal employees hired to stick their progressive noses into our business and personal lives… we might even reconsider some of the old ones too. The thing this administration does not understand, or does not care about, is that bureaucrats, like so many of these new employees, care more about processes than about results. They see no problem with holding up needed projects because not all the Is have been dotted and Ts crossed on the unnecessary paperwork.

Mike Huckabee explains why some projects seem to be delayed indefinitely by the saying, “everything has been done that is necessary, but it has not been done by everybody”. Lightening the federal payroll would not only lighten the budget, but would diminish the ability of these people to stifle job growth and destroy our freedom.

For that matter, we could even look at congressional pay and perks. It wouldn’t be much compared to the magnitude of the problem, but it would be a great symbolic first step, and liberal progressives are big on symbolism since their ideas hardly ever really work. This could be followed by cutting out Mrs. Obama’s extravagant vacations.

There are many more areas that money could be saved, but they, along with those mentioned, would be anathema to the regime. Smaller, less intrusive government would save money, but that is obviously not the goal of the people making decisions. Sooner or later, we need to impose our will on the people in Washington, or they will impose their will on us. It’s our choice.

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  • Lisa said,

    “It seems that the only places the Democrats and some Republicans can come up with to save money is in areas they know the people will reject.”

    So true! Which is EXACTLY why they would not even THINK of cutting their own incomes and / or benefits!

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