Do You Believe In Evil?

Posted by Larry Miller on September 18, 2011 under Why | Be the First to Comment

Mussolini and HitlerOften we read about some of the truly awful things that have happened in the past – sometimes even the not too distant past – and try to comfort ourselves with by thinking we are are living in a different time or different place. Until recently, many have thought we were immune from such atrocities we have heard about, read about or seen. In fact, many have kept their juvenile illusion that bad things will somehow skip over them and hit someone else.

Three thousand people thought the same thing as they prepared for their day on September 11, 2001. Unfortunately, they were wrong. Evil came to our shores that day. Or more properly, we saw evil’s presence on our shores that terrible morning.

It may make many uncomfortable to consider, but we live in a fallen world where the effects of this fall are all around us. Sometimes they are seen in smaller, individual ways like a ghetto child beaten to death by a drugged up parent. Sometimes we see it in more traumatic acts like the attacks on the twin towers and pentagon.

One question is, do we see greater evil in the deaths of 3000 men, women and children or in the death of a single innocent child? Are there degrees of evil? Was Nazi Germany the most evil because they killed six million Jews?

Are there degrees of evil? Does evil even exist? Could it be that it is just the absence of goodness… the absence of God’s goodness? It has been argued that there really is no such thing as evil, yet the absence of good does not account for the terrible things people have done. There is the fallen nature of man that tells us that man can do nothing that is really good, but some of the grotesque acts of violence show a more extreme influence than mere humanity.

The Bible tells us that no one is good. Some seem to be doing good things, but some people have done really bad things. Were they really worthy of greater condemnation than you or me? To human thinking, probably, but that is not the way our creator sees it.

Understanding that there is a part of the world around us that we cannot see… a spiritual world populated by angels of goodness and angels of darkness will give us a better insight into the cosmic struggle that goes unseen. There have been records of possession by these evil entities who have driven their victims to do unspeakable deeds. Some things are right and some things are wrong – it’s not just a difference of opinion.

Some among us would like us to believe that possessions and aberrant behavior are just the result of mental malfunctioning. Like many “scientific conclusions”, one must look at the predispositions of those spreading their theories. If we have scientists, commentators or whatever to have no spiritual understanding, it is simply not possible for them to understand the dynamics of evil anymore than these same people can understand the wonders of creation.

Other than the personal consequences of this intellectual failing, this “naturalistic” thinking that has permeated the academic world has left us totally unequipped to handle our adversaries – both seen and unseen. The introduction to Eric Mertaxes book on Bonhoeffer describes World War II as a massive exorcism of the evil of Nazi Germany.

This brings us to our current situation in our country and the world. Some, taking the “naturalistic” approach would have us believe our problems are strictly economic. These people are from both ends of the political spectrum. One side sees man as simply a physical being who can be content if only their physical needs are met, preferably by a government program. The other side sees man as more of an intellectual being who can be happy if he is free to express himself and accomplish his goals.

The fact is that neither having ones physical needs met nor unrestrained freedom will bring happiness. Our founders knew this. Many of our politicians seem to have forgotten this. They have also forgotten the source of our freedom and rights.

Consider what the personification of evil would like to do to this jewel of God’s goodness in our world. Consider how the downfall of this “Christian nation” would bring joy to the underworld. Consider, also, the dark world we would be passing on to those who come on behind us if we fail.

In recognizing the nature of the conflict we are facing, it is important that, for the most part, those standing against us have good intentions and are not consciously attempting to destroy our country and freedom. Does this mean they should not be opposed with everything we have? No it does not. As Jesus said, “they know not what they do.” It should not be personal, but they still need to be soundly defeated.

We are doing no one any favors by letting our country slip away. Yet, in most cases, we must treat them as people God sent his son to die for. We need to be as patient in showing uncomprehending followers the error of their ways as our creator was with us before we entered the kingdom.

For those blatantly pushing an agenda that will destroy our wonderful nation and the souls of so many of their followers, we just need to pray for help in stopping them, do our best put the kibosh on their plans, and place the results in the hands of the God whose divine providence brought this country into existence and will ultimately defeat the same evil we stand against today.

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