Divide and Conquer

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John JayAny kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fall. Luke 11:17b (NIV)

In Federalist Number 2, John Jay makes the point that this country came together as one to defeat the most awesome power in the world to win its independence. He, like other founders, believed that divine providence brought together this unique group of people with a common world view and a common love for liberty. His point point was that most people at the time had a common set of values and this allowed them to pull together in a common direction. This also led them to see everyone as their neighbor… and they looked out for their neighbors.

This is true today, unity is the key to success in an organization as well as a nation. As flawed as they are, most Republicans try to see people as individuals and as Americans. Sometimes they find themselves in a position of telling us that what is good for corporations is good for Americans – whether it is true in the particular situation or not.

On the other hand, we have another party that seeks to maintain its prosperity by keeping segments of the American people constantly up in arms about some real or imagined sleight at the hands of society in general, or some other group of people in particular. These dividers have the erroneous view of our world with prosperity being a fixed value… that one persons good fortune is the result of another persons misfortune. This thinking is epitomized by former congressman Dick Gephart’s reference to those who are well off as “winners in the lottery of life” – the implication being that the less fortunate have nothing to do with their lot in life and they just are the losers in the “lottery of life”.

To those that really believe this, it is easy to see how the next logical step is to try to even things out as no one really deserves anything they have if what they have is better than someone elses. These false prophets of our economy try, and often succeed, in splitting off the lower income people from the rest of Americans by sewing seeds of discontent, envy and class warfare. The political opportunists tell their gullible constituents that they are poor through no fault of their own, and if only they will put these pseudo populists in power, all will be made right, the rich will be made to pay and their prosperity will be assured.

So what is the problem with this thinking? Among other issues, the victims of this scam are discouraged from making the most of their talents and abilities. Because of attempts to meet the needs of the less fortunate, we find many of the less fortunate have learned that they can live a “comfortable” life by lowering their expectations and leaning on the government checkbook rather than taking a chance on improving their lot in life through their own effort. Through several generations, some have learned just how much than can earn and still keep the various checks coming… often somewhere around twenty thousand dollars a year. Many have been known to quit jobs when they approach that level to retain eligibility for their earned income credit, and others.

Not content to just maintain tension between economic classes, the dividers overlay the concept of racial inequality. This may be the most despicable of all as the constant drum beat of racial division is just the opposite of the life Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted for his descendents: being judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. These shyster politicians can hardly see anything but the color of a persons skin, if it benefits them. And it benefits many of them handsomely.

Recently we have seen another subject of division – the manufactured “gay rights” agenda. I say manufactured because, other than running into an occasional insecure individual who had to make a point of harassing or intimidating these poor souls, they were pretty much left alone. I have no great sympathy for their form of perversion, yet, like most Americans, I am content to leave them alone. Lately, however, they have changed from being content with tolerance to wanting public acceptance, even admiration, of their lifestyle. If the public doesn’t honor their desires, they have been more than happy to take the “in your face” approach to many people who could not care less what they do to each other.

Secular humanists – who practice what they believe, is our state religion – are pleased to join their cause as honest Christians proclaim the Biblical admonition that such behavior is an abomination to our creator. This is the same tactic they use in pushing the killing of innocent babies to the anguish of those who have reverence for the value of human life.

This is just one more attempt to create a split between the secular Americans and those of faith or at least silence those of faith. We are a fragmented country. Those who would tear us apart care nothing for compromise when they have the power to do their evil deeds with no help, but when they loose this, they are all in favor compromise, wanting to hear nothing of the idea that elections have consequences, and their ideas have been rejected.

Unfortunately, our gullible Republicans routinely fall for their calls for “fairness” and live in fear of being called nasty names, like greedy or racist, by their unprincipled opponents. They, for some unexplained reason, fail to see each point of contention as part of an overall plan to radically change American society. They want to be liked. They want good press. Better they should want to be seen by posterity as saviors of the republic! Instead we see so many buying in to the big government solutions to the lefts’ imaginary problems or they are just afraid to be seen as hard-hearted by denying poor American some “benefit” the other side says they need, even though such benefits are destroying the very people that receive them and the country that supplies them.

We will never get back together as a unified country if we keep feeding the progressive fantasy world. It is a cancer that lives on the principle of identity politics, keeping people thinking of themselves as part of a group rather than an individual created by a loving God. The only legitimate group we should aspire to is the group called “American”. We need to reach out with the love and courage of Dr. King to pull our country back together.

There was a poem by Edward Markham many of us memorized back in elementary that seems to fit our situation quite well:

He drew a circle that shut me out,
Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout,
But love and I had the wit to win,
We drew a circle that took him in.

If we love our country, we need to love our neighbors as well.

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