Common Sense vs Foolishness

Posted by Larry Miller on August 21, 2011 under Why | Be the First to Comment

Caesar ObamaOne of Barack Hussein Obama’s most frequent complaints is that those pesky Republicans are placing party and politics over the good of the country. In some ways he is correct. One would have to ask what he is complaining about. He got his two trillion dollar blank check and he won’t have to bamboozle congress for more until after his defeat next year. Yet, somehow it is the Republicans fault that the economy is falling apart.

Yes, many Republicans did place party discipline and allegiance over actions they knew to be good for the country when they fell for the fearful John Boehner’s attempt to look statesmanlike by “compromising” with the administration and Harry Reid and giving the President exactly what he wanted – more money to spend and no further chance to stop it until after the people render their opinion of his presidency. I find the term “compromise” a little odd when one side gives up just about everything they fought for and the other side gets exactly what they wanted. Yet the president needs someone to blame his failure on, since it could not possibly be his policies.

This is what happens when our elected representatives place party loyalty and submission to those in leadership positions over following the wishes of those who put them in office – their bosses. How will they fair when the citizens render an opinion on their performance? Considering the fact that generic incumbents have a re-election rate percentage in the nineties and that they will usually be running against socialistic Democrats whose moral turpitude makes them completely unsuited for any kind of responsible position. Our only hope of getting through to them is through primary challenges.

So these men and women who love to be addressed as The Honorable ignored the cries of their constituents to stop the madness and leave the cap on federal spending. Then they had the audacity to give us some really lame excuses for being team players. Normally, being a team player is a good thing, but not when the team is helping to drive the country off an economic cliff.

There is a time when a patriot has the common sense to know the right thing to do and the courage to do it. Standing up against a foreign enemy is a fairly easy decision, as is, sometimes, standing up to attacks from the liberal progressive party. It is when old timers from the Washington scene who control important committee assignments, fund raising assistance and a host of other perks that make life in the nation’s capitol more livable, that some of the newcomers have trouble saying ‘no’ to their former heroes.

People who knew better – people who knew we had to stop the financial hemorrhaging, failed to get the job done because their leaders led them to believe it was the right thing to do. They showed party loyalty and voted for a bad bill. Had they stood on principle and voted for the good of the country, which is what the President said he wanted, we would have seen a good first step in getting the run away spending under control.

An opportunity was foolishly wasted and our nation is still sinking deeper into debt. We can only hope that someday common sense will take hold and we need to hope it takes hold soon!

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