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Posted by Larry Miller on July 5, 2011 under How | Be the First to Comment

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The news this morning reported some Republican senators, John Cornyn and John McCain in particular, have indicated they would be agreeable to some government revenue increases. This is why the Republicans find it difficult to push through any kind of smaller government agenda. There are always those in their number who want to appear reasonable and not rock the boat too much.

The nasty secret is that too many Republicans just don’t subscribe to the smaller government thinking that our founders handed down to us. Unfortunately we have been unfaithful keepers of our heritage and have allowed smooth talkers in fancy suits to convince us that they are on our side then go back to DC and vote for more spending and more borrowing. They point to the President’s willingness to talk about spending reductions as indications that a deal is possible.

Yes, he has talked about billions in reduction in such things as Medicare and other such programs. First, he is talking about programs many people benefit from and arbitrary cuts would infuriate them… hopefully at the Republicans. He totally ignores all the governmental waste that only benefits the chosen few… the unions, foreign dictators, and academic hair brains and their esoteric experiments like treadmills for sea creatures.

Second, he is talking about billions when our needs are in the trillions. It is the same shortfall that my gun rights friends point out when they tell us, “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.” Unfortunately, with the way the regime is so fixated on expanding government, even though the benefits to the citizens are difficult, if not impossible, to identify, these proposed billions are but a pittance, even if we could depend on them to keep their word and not allocate the money next year. The President’s proposals are meaningless in the economic sphere, but that is not their purpose. All he is trying to do is to scare the vulnerable and impressionable people into thinking that this terrible thing is happening to them because of the dastardly Republicans. Any Republican who falls for this scheme is worthy of whatever posterior kicking he or she receives from an angry electorate.

The, the ever present and opportunistic Bill Clinton, still seeking relevance, pops up with the idea that Barack Hussein Obama should accept some cuts sooner rather than later, since he knows they are coming. Everybody is piping up, hoping they have the idea that will catch on and carry the day as the grand compromise. Yet many have given up on the concept of the grand compromise. They are looking for a quick and dirty “mini deal”.

They tell us they don’t want to just kick the can down the road, and they are looking for a “MINI DEAL”! We are told that politics is often the “art of the possible”. What they mean is that politicians come to negotiations knowing they will not get every thing they want, but they get what is possible. The people in leadership positions want us to accept that they have done the best they can and we should be happy with it. They got everything possible from a recalcitrant opposition.

What is impossible is to keep paying for the excesses of the beltway burglars. More Republican lemmings are looking at following the two Johns. Then they will come back home and tell their constituents that they just don’t understand the whole situation, that we should just trust them, that the government needs the money. What the politicians don’t understand is the priorities of the people who put them in office and pay their salaries. It just sounds like some people need to be replaced.

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