The Hell Of Separation From God

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Mussolini and HitlerBy Thomas Brewton

Europe and, to a lesser extent the United States, have voluntarily disavowed God and faded into the dark night of hellish alienation.

Liberal-progressivism’s pursuit of one-world, Godless socialistic government inescapably reduces every person to soulless equality with no meaning apart from the will of the political state.  In this Brave New World, history and tradition are thrust aside.  Clinging to standards of culture and morality become anti-social crimes.

As I wrote earlier:

Europeans, before the evolution of strong nation states in the 16th century, thought of themselves as inhabitants of Christendom.  It is thus accurate to assert that everything that we know as western civilization is an exclusive product of Christianity emanating from the church at Rome.

What went wrong?

The short answer is the French Revolution of 1789.

That cataclysmic event destroyed Christian civilization and instituted the secular, materialistic religion of socialism, first in France, then throughout Europe.

In the simplest terms, French philosophers of the ill-named Continental European Enlightenment (the 18th century) decapitated Western civilization.  The human soul and conscience, moral codes, and the relationship of each individual human to the universe and his fellow humans were tossed into the trash heap.  The Western world was figuratively reduced to a headless body that reacted blindly to external, physical stimulae.

The secular, atheistic religion of socialism (in the United States, liberal-progressivism) ignores peoples’ spiritual needs.  It asserts, instead, that only material needs for water, food, clothing shelter, and sex count in political society.  In socialist religious theory, all of these things can be administered by the secular political state in ways that permit state planners to manipulate and control every aspect of human social behavior.

No one can logically accept that liberal-socialist doctrine and simultaneously support the metaphysical, natural-law principles that were the basis of our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, Jefferson’s inalienable human rights flowing from our Creator God.

Philosophical materialism implies that the human soul is a myth; there is only the physical tangle of nerves, muscle, and bones constituting the physical human body.  Non-material qualities like personal responsibility, piety, patriotism, and morality are dismissed as value judgments, lost in the morass of moral relativism.  Karl Marx, for example, sneered at religion as the opium of the masses, calling it a fiction created by the ruling class to stupefy and subjugate the workers.

Dismissing the Mind of God and the natural law that flowed from it, intellectuals of the French Revolution believed themselves capable of manipulating humans, in the mass, as if they were puppets.  They expected their secular religion of socialism to bring harmony and perfection to human life.

Instead, they took the Western world back to the lawless days of the hordes of Genghis Khan, when the sword was the only source of order and right.  The millions of dead and maimed in two World Wars and the murders of tens of millions by the French Revolutionary councils, Napoleon, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Mao, and Castro are the legacy of French socialistic materialism and secularity.

Europe, once the driving force in world culture, has become a hollow shell that the inflow of Muslim immigrants will crack and overwhelm in coming decades, unless Christian missionaries succeed in bringing Europeans back to Jesus Christ.

This article originally appeared in The View From 1776 blog.

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  • kevinbsnyder said,

    I am an agnostic but “pro Christian”. I respect the Christian religion and the moral basis which it has given much of western society. I would disagree with the view that the French Revolution destroyed Christianity in any way. Yes it got more then carried away but I would say that the individual liberty it first promoted was correct. And lets face it Christianity was being used by some to keep control of the population. In my view the French Monarchy was much more damaging to Christianity then the Revolution was.

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