Why Israel Cannot Go Back To 1967

Posted by Larry Miller on May 26, 2011 under How | Be the First to Comment

Even Barack Obama has come to realize the impossibility of Israel accepting his decree to return to the 1967 borders. Had he considered the proposal before reading it from the teleprompter, it is doubtful the words would have crossed his lips. Unfortunately our public schools have produced several generations of geographically illiterate citizens who don’t know Jerusalem from Jersey City or Jamaica. Because of this, many Americans don’t comprehend why this proposal is such a problem.

Israel has universal service in the IDF, and I’m not sure I would be in favor of in our country, but I must say that most of our young soldiers I come in contact with are polite, intelligent and a credit to our country as well as their uniform. Simply adding an ROTC course or two to high school curricula would help people understand that, among other things, an adequate defense involves more than simply having expensive, high-tech weapons. The public would understand that there is geographic component.

In the case of Israel, it is the rift valley with the Jordan River running through it that provides a natural barrier to invasion from the east. They did not have this barrier in 1967 and they were attacked from this direction and others. Fortunately, six days later, the attackers were whining to the UN to make them stop defending themselves by destroying the invading forces. Those wanting to push the Jews into the sea thought the job would be easy if they did not have to cross the Jordan Valley. They were wrong.

If we can learn from history, we can see that going back to the old boundaries is only an invitation to further aggression. No responsible Israeli leader would agree to this form of national suicide. There is so much more to this plan that the formerly mainstream media ignores in an effort paint Israel as uninterested in Middle-East peace. This is just one of the many lies coming into our homes each evening via the evening news. On the other hand, there is so much truth in the Prime Ministers claim that if the Palestinians put down their weapons, there would be no more conflict, but if the Israelis put down their weapons, there would be no more Israel.

The video above shows some of the considerations in rejecting President’s plan… but it doesn’t explain why he would propose such a thing. Is he really that ignorant of the realities in the region? Is he really as intelligent as his followers would have us believe and is he working toward the anticipated outcome of an emasculated Israel? In some ways, it doesn’t really matter what the motivation of this post turtle president. The back of the book tells us we win, the enemies of God’s Chosen People gather to wipe them out… but it doesn’t work out quite that way.

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