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Posted by Larry Miller on May 23, 2011 under How | Be the First to Comment

Mayer Rep. Ernie Leidiger Invited Controversial Pastor: MyFoxTWINCITIES.com

Sometimes the opportunity presents itself to speak the truth to people unaccustomed to hearing it. Sometimes it’s accepted, sometimes it’s not, yet that does not change our responsibility. II Timothy 2:4 tells us, “Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage–with great patience and careful instruction.”

The opportunity came to pastor Bradlee Dean. Someone from his ministry convinced Rep. Ernie Leidiger go invite him to open the Minnesota House session with a prayer. I’m not sure that his attire was entirely appropriate… yet his words were completely on target. He spoke the truth to a body not used to hearing it. He spoke to people who were used to the deference given to the “Honorables”.

Majority Leader Kurt Zellers was so incensed, he declared, “I denounce him, his actions and his words. A person like that will never, ever be allowed on this House floor again as long as I am speaker.” Dean must have hit a nerve with his words. This type of response is not uncommon, and is, in some ways, a confirmation of the need for such an approach.

And what were the terrible things the pastor told the legislators? Was it that awful? Was he wrong? Listen to the prayer and pastors’ comments, and decide for yourself. If you come to the conclusion that he did what was necessary, then consider where you can carry the truth, in love, to those around you.

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