Seven Days

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by Carrie Devorah

The world was created in Seven Days

Success can be achieved in Seven Ways

1. Setting a goal just isn’t enough. You need a vision. You need to work hard to implement your plan, tweaking it as you go along. Learn from your mistakes knowing mistakes are stepping stones to success most people don’t  acknowledge as life’s greatest lessons.

2. Yes, follow your passion after all it is passion and dedication that create success. Be dedicated. Believe in yourself. Make time to look for opportunities to do something better than just about everyone else being mindful to act responsibly to everyone, keeping family and colleagues happy knowing the people you pass on the way up are the same people you pass on the way down. Up or down, the gift is their willingness and desire to reach their hands out to you.

3. There is no reinventing the wheel. There are countless variations thereof so while risk is a necessary evil, more important is making time to learn from others inventions while risking making your own the time you invest into learning makes for much less competition.

4. While some pursuits are worth any price, if the nuts and bolts aren’t in place, all your time invested with be for naught. As wonderfully supportive as friends,family are in your ambition or goal, no matter what you or they believe, if the math doesn’t work, passion or no passion, neither will your idea.

5. Make sure the people you bring on board are with your program, are on the same page as you, working with understanding toward your shared goal. It is better to keep a friend a friend if they don’t share your vision, no matter how long you have known them or how necessary you think their skills are.

6. There will be good times. There will be bad times. Just know time is moments fleeting. Time spent complaining is time gone forever, never to be replaced. Come to each new day with a smile on your face, sunshine in your heart and positivity in your portfolio looking forward towards what can be done rather than ruminating over what did not.

7. It’s not just about the money, it’s about the result. Good results bring a multitude of wealth in ways you will not predict. The road to success is filled with sacrifice. Know that saving money is as important as making money so in time if you take time to make balance, in time you will balance. A sunrise without friends to share it with is a moment you will find yourself saying, “you had to be there…” Use the wealth of your gift to make a difference. Most important, take your moment to embrace the sunshine of each beautiful day. Be in the moments life gifts us and you will succeed.

(c) Carrie Devorah 2010 along with May Be Reprinted With Permission Only

[This article was originally published in Foundation For God In The Temples Of Government.]

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