It’s Just A Matter Of Priorities

Posted by Larry Miller on November 17, 2010 under How | Be the First to Comment

policelights2I often wonder how foolish the folks in DC think we poor schlubs are. Every time we, the people, fuss about higher taxes and government spending, we are told that if we don’t roll over and let them take more of our hard earned dollars, we will have to accept police, firemen and teacher layoffs as the price for governmental economy. It’s the same song over and over again.

Have you ever wondered why they want to drop such items from the budget first? Do they really think we would believe that is the most logical place to save money on state or federal budgets? Perhaps not, but the ruling class knows that we won’t get upset if their favorite boondoggle projects disappeared from public view. However, they know we don’t want to witness and increase in crime or see our homes burn down because of budgetary shortfalls. They know that even our union controlled, overfunded and underperforming schools would not be the first place economize, yet this is the story we hear.

This is because we all use these services and cutbacks would directly impact our lives. Recall the last time Republicans dug in their heels and refused to go along with the bloated budget during the Clinton administration. Some of the first things to be shut down were popular attractions like the Washington Monument and National Parks. They made their point by taking away the things that gave the most comfort and enjoyment to the American people. In Virginia, Governor Kaine (of DNC fame) closed down rest stops along the highways when he didn’t get the budget he wanted.

As many remember, the Republicans caved as the public bought the lies that these cuts in services were essential because the people were not taxed enough. It was only their greed in wanting to keep their money that left the government in the bind that caused their inconvenience. Fortunately, many of the people have woken up and the Tea Parties have opened they eyes of many more.

They are not about to tell us that they want to take our money and give it to their favored people or groups. They won’t come out and tell us directly that they want us to pay higher and higher taxes so they can give the AIG bankers the money for their bonuses needed to maintain their ostentatious lifestyle. They won’t tell us we need to sacrifice good things for our families so outrageous union wages, pensions and benefits could be preserved rather than let a bankruptcy court resolve them to the point where they were not a burden to the rest of the citizens. Neither will they say to to us that it is more important for them to let contracts to favored vendors (often contributors) than stop borrowing from people that hate us and will be collecting interest from us, our children and their children.

The political class knows we won’t get upset about scrubbing plans for another bridge to nowhere, but they know most of us will get upset about cuts in education or public safety. What happens is that they fund the lowest priorities first then come to the public demanding more money when the wasteful spending is done and they need more for the essential projects.

As much as it would seem to be something we blame on Democrats, Republicans have their own share of guilt. This is not just be the way these people get the job done, but it is a symptom of a much greater problem we have with our government; the lack of honesty. Sure the destruction of our economy and the devaluation of our currency are bad enough, but if the people in positions of leadership cannot be straight with the people, we cannot unite behind a plan to fix the mess we find ourselves in – in fact, we don’t even know what the real plan is so we can discuss it intelligently.

During the Clinton administration we were told that character didn’t matter. They were wrong. Despite these claims, character is more important now than ever. The financial debacle is only the tip of the iceberg. Evidence shows that we have not gotten the straight story on job creation, environmental “protection”, health care and a host of other issues and non-issues. We have a budget crisis, mortgage crisis, a health care crisis, an energy crisis… all man made. Now we have the same people that created these problems telling us they have the solutions… and we have no basis for belief. Until we the people demand honestly and accountability from our office holders we will be stuck in this downward spiral, and we won’t deserve to get out until then as well.

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