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Posted by Larry Miller on October 3, 2010 under Why | Be the First to Comment

tylerclementiTyler Clementi’s dive off the George Washington Bridge into the murky waters of the Hudson River was a tragedy on so many levels. No eighteen year old should see life as so painful and hopeless that such a plunge would be preferable to facing another day among the living.

Some, who see the world in terms of group identities and memberships, miss the idea that this was a tortured young man whose life ended prematurely. They see the whole affair as one of a member of their group being disrespected and hurt by a cruel and uncaring straight society… and they are doing their best to make this a movement event to advance their agenda. The fact is that he will now have to face his creator on the basis of his own life, not based on the membership in one group or another.

Clementi’s actions showed the presence of a concept that is becoming a foreign one in today’s world: shame. Many of his so-called supporters show none of this emotion as they as they use his death to promote their cause… or in their own actions. They are encouraged by and model themselves after a culture of celebrity that values notoriety over virtue.

People like Perez Hilton whose only asset is an acid tongue and perverted mind is quoted and followed. Another Hilton, Paris, has no real achievements under her belt, but lives in the mind of gossip columnists whom she feeds with periodic drug busts and sex tapes. Lindsey Lohan appears to have learned form her example. Modestly talented pop star Lady Gaga is known more for her immodest outfits than for her vocal qualities. People who are breathlessly followed by the public, especially the younger members show no hint of shame at their outrageously useless, but publicly praised lifestyles. But this young victim was different, his shame at having his homosexual act broadcast for all the world to see caused him to end his life.

His eighteen year old Rutgers classmates, Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei, showed they lacked another concept that used to be commonplace in our country: respect. Whether they recorded Clementi’s actions because they did not like men who chose to have sex with other men, or if they just thought it would be funny or cool to play this trick on him, does not really matter. For those who push the idea of hate crimes to help elevate a protected class, analyzing the thoughts of Ravi and Wei is both fruitless and impossible. Only God really knows what was going on in their minds as they executed their heartless scheme.

Their callous conspiracy sought to elevate themselves and give them some laughs as it destroyed the reputations of two young men. The fact that the Bible calls the actions of these young men an abomination, is not excuse for holding them up to public ridicule. Many in the leftist infested halls of academia say they want to keep conservatives out of their bedrooms. The acts of Ravi and Wei are far worse than anything, real or imagined, that those who stand on God’s word would do to even the worst offenders. In fact, much of the conservative and libertarian philosophy so denigrated on such campuses is based on the concept that most people just want to be left alone… somehow these two just couldn’t comprehend that.

Unmoved by the demise of a thirteen year old girl who was bullied to death by the mother of a classmate, some in congress have now decided that there should be a federal law against this sort of harassment, now that a homosexual is dead. I guess thirteen year old girls don’t have a strong enough lobby, and they even lack an agenda. The various states have laws about stalking, invasion of privacy and the like, but our wisdom endowed leaders inside the beltway believe, once again, that they have the ultimate answer to tragedies like this. My guess is that they will somehow twist the commerce clause into their desired shape to complete this current intrusion into the sphere of the states.

The whole incident with Tyler Clementi illustrates one more concept missing from modern day American: redemption. This is the most important concept of all. No matter what he had done, one such incident does not define one’s (or end) ones life any more than David’s transgression with Bathsheba defined his entire life. This is something we can keep in mind. Whether we have done something wrong or someone has wronged us, it aint over until the fat lady sings, or, more appropriately, until Gabriel blows his horn. While there is still life, there is still the time to turn one’s life around… and this applies to even to the worst of us.

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