What’s Wrong With Sharia Law?

Posted by Larry Miller on September 27, 2010 under Why | 2 Comments to Read

sharia“What’s Wrong With Sharia Law?” I have been asked. Isn’t it just some sort of quaint religious observance? It has religious practices that some countries have used to go to extremes, such as stoning a woman caught in adultery, cutting off body parts and throwing homosexuals off high buildings? No, these punishments are part of the Medina verses of the Koran. These punishments are the result of the type of theocracy many on the left fear from Christians and many Christians are blinded to as the influence of Islam continues to build in the United States.

Those who just see a foreign religious system may be surprised to learn that in New Jersey, a man had charges dismissed for beating his wife because a judge accepted it as part of his religious belief system. Some Imams go so far as to give “sermons” on the proper way to do this to control women who are looked on as less intelligent and inferior.

In Michigan police refused to protect Christians who attempted to hand out literature at an Islamic festival, because it is against their law to even acknowledge such literature. The law of Islam trumped the free speech guaranteed by our constitution, and that is the law the police recognized.

In New York City, a Greek Orthodox church that was destroyed by the September 11 attack cannot get permission to rebuild, even though a “victory mosque” has been approved by the city fathers. Many are not aware of the portion of Sharia law that declares that other religious facilities that have been destroyed through conquest are forbidden to be rebuilt.

What these instances, along with hundreds of others like Islamic prayer times in the same public schools that ban Bible reading and Christian prayer meetings, show us is that Islam is more than religion, but a practice that intrudes into the area of being a political system. It is a political system that is far removed from the one given us by our constitution that recognizes the rights of each individual and acceptance of all.

As a religion, the practice of Islam is protected by the first amendment of our constitution. As a rival political system, though, it is completely at odds with the concept of freedom and individual rights our predominately Christian founders gave us. As such, the practice of Sharia Law has no place in our society.

But, what about the free exercise of religion that they are guaranteed? Courts have ruled in many cases that where society has an overriding interest in overruling religious practices, the state may intervene. While one may argue some specific applications, it would be purposeful blindness to not see they exist. We see children forcibly receiving medical treatment over the wishes of their parents. We see possession of poisonous snakes outlawed while some groups seek to prove their faith as they tempt fate by handling them. We see some sects deprived of drugs they say help them reach their spiritual destination. Now, I am not defending these practices, but wife beating, honor killings and the like certainly seem to fit into the category of unlawful religious practices.

The difference, in this case, is that instead of telling some small group of societal outliers to conform to our laws, we are telling a worldwide movement that can whip hundreds or thousands of unthinking followers into irrational rage over the slightest of perceived insults, a formerly mainstream media unwilling to report anything negative about them out of misguided political correctness and a President raised in the foreign culture of this religious and political system… and sympathetic to it. More sympathetic to their values even than those of the country he supposedly leads.

As Americans, we need to respect other religious beliefs, but we do not have to permit another political and legal system to exist within our society. All over Europe the results of failing to make this distinction has resulted in the destruction of their society and culture. We cannot ignore this lesson from recent history.

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  • Chris said,

    We need to stand up people! All Christian Americans need to step out of our comfort zone and stand up for what’s right in this country. We are allowing this sort of thing in many areas of our country. We as Christians are being silenced, while Islam preaching are taking over. We can not allow this to happen to our country and to Christianity. We are still in the majority and we need to be heard! Please join me and other Christians, stand up, Wear your Visible Voice of strength and Unity. My goal is for every Christian American to be wearing these wristbands as a sign of unity and strength. Please go to: http://www.PatrioticChristiansToday.com and join US! Thank you.

  • Jim Baxter said,

    Sharia Law does not endorse Individual Value or Individual Rights. Is there any other kind of human?

    They are Collectivist. Human by the Group. A verbal convenience – not Reality.

    Middle ground? No.

    Flush the dung.

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