The Constitution Ride Has Begun

Posted by Larry Miller on August 15, 2010 under How | Be the First to Comment

crlogoEleven O’clock Sunday morning about two hundred freedom loving Americans gathered at the Bell Tower on the grounds of the Capitol of Virginia for the first rally in the Constitution Ride Across America. They heard from several patriotic congressional congressional candidates as well as from Daren Gardner who will be traveling across the country bringing attention to the value of our historic Constitution For the United States of America… a document valued by many, but disregarded by those who see it as a hindrance to governmental expansion sought by our progressive would-be masters.

Note that it is the Constitution FOR the United States of America… not “of”, as many people think of it. There is a difference, “of” refers the past and, possibly present, where the word “for” is past, present and future. The document was formed by our history to guide our future. Now there are those who want to change our future from one of freedom to one of bondage. We may have just a short window of time to put a stop to it – hence the ride.

At each rally, a state legislator will receive a copy of the constitution and sign a pledge to work to keep the US Constitution as the guide for government in our great country. The first one to receive the copy, was citizen legislator and small business owner, Delegate John Cox of Hanover County, appropriately representing the district that was Patrick Henry’s home.

Even the date of the event had significance, August 15, 2010. It is two hundred twenty five years after the day the cornerstone was laid for the Thomas Jefferson designed Virgina Capitol Building, which is the longest serving such building in the free world. We were indeed standing on freedom’s hallowed ground, being mindful of all the Virginians who labored to secure the freedom we all enjoy.

Check out Daren’s website at to learn more about the Constitution Ride and check the calendar to see when he will come to your capitol. Then come out and show your support. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to contribute a few dollars for fuel, tolls and a few incidental expenses along the way. He is committing two and a half months of his life to this project, we each have to answer what we are willing to contribute… could it be our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor?  Beyond that you may do even more, pray for him, and the family waiting at home for his safe return.

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