Who Are The Racists?

Posted by Larry Miller on July 13, 2010 under How | Be the First to Comment

lincolnThis may not be a fashionable post, but there are things that must be said, that few are saying. The NAACP, feeling the heat as the tea partiers are waking up our country to the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of government programs in solving the problems, not only of the black community, but all Americans struggling to make it in the world.

Showing the exclusively race based tunnel vision, the organization set their sites on repudiating “the racism of the Tea Parties”. The leadership of this formerly useful institution, in pushing the same disastrous programs that all but destroyed the black families, had to resort to playing the race card and engaging in character assassination. Generally this is the last play of one who is unable to refute logical arguments.

We know that the government intervention has never, and will never, lift people out of poverty. Abraham Lincoln said, “You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich, you cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong, you cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down, you cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.” Yet, holding out the promise of benefits paid for by someone else is what placed these leaders in their exalted positions and what they expect to keep them in power. Therefore, the tea parties who recognize the failure of the NAACP’s traditional approach and had the audacity to point it out… much like the child who noticed the emperor had no clothes, have to go.

These people are fighting to maintain the impression of relevance, so they are calling the tea partiers, which means they are calling most of us, what they believe to be worst name in the world, which is “racist”, and this is, somehow, to make us go away. While racism is evil and disgusting, calling someone a racist doesn’t make him one… just like their calling Barack Hussein Obama a great president, doesn’t make him one. However, they have to keep up the image of taking on the functioning part of America to keep their membership fired up and paying dues.

If they were truly effective and getting the job done for the constituents, they would not be fighting the same fights and using the same rhetoric for the last fifty years. The fact is, most of our country has moved far beyond evaluating people based on the color of their skin. Unfortunately, the NAACP is stuck in the 60s and only sees things through the lens of racial conflict. In spite of the charges of racial prejudice among the tea partiers; something that has never been proven, they need to understand that we have bigger fish to fry than keeping our black brothers “in their place”.

In fact, to anyone who believes that our creator made everyone in his own image, and endowed everyone certain unalienable rights, these ideas are preposterous and offensive. However, my reading of our constitution doesn’t include a right to go through life without hurt feelings. We are not only fighting for our own families, but all families to have a more free and more prosperous life.

We, and I include myself in the tea party crowd, have been called all sorts of vile names by protectors and agents of the status quo. This is just one more attempt to discredit a movement that threatens to bring sanity back to our world. We have two choices in how we deal with this attack. The first, and the one our enemies hope we take is to hide our heads and quietly slink on back home, having been exposed by the great moral arbiters of our society. If we really believe in what we are doing this is not an option.

The second option is to just keep on keeping on. Our example went about doing good. Some people loved him, just like they do the tea partiers. Some hated him and tried to discredit him… but you can’t discredit the truth. Then some killed him. We hope the enemies of freedom won’t get that far, but doing the right thing is never wrong and if we shrink back, we are unworthy of our founding fathers.

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