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obamaAs I looked over the stats page for this blog I see we have readers from, not just the good old USA, but significant numbers from places like London, Beijing, Islamabad and Moscow… not to mention all sorts of places around the globe. I like to think it is people from around the world looking for encouragement from American Christians. I understand we may have some KGB and CIA types watching, frowning and making notes, but, as much as is humanly possible, bringing out the truth is the point of what we are doing.

But then, that should be the point for each of us. Most every one reading this has a pretty good understanding of what is going on in our country and in the world. The key, then, is what do we do about it? It’s easy to sit around and complain about how bad things are, how bad the government, how bad the kids are… but that doesn’t do a whole lot to make the world a better place. If that’s not one of your goals, there is not much to say.

Watching TV news, listening to talk radio, reading books, even reading blogs will fill your head with so much information that your head will explode. Many have taken this to heart and thrown themselves into tea parties, tax payer associations, and political party involvement. This is the best way we need to reverse the disastrous course Barack Hussein Obama is leading us down before peaceful means become impossible.

Those making the news reports and absorbing the slings and arrows of outrageous formerly mainstream media appear to be the tip of the iceberg. So many have commented to me that they would really like to be more involved, but have work commitments, family commitments and all sorts of other demands on their time. I’m sure every reader has many such friends and acquaintances. They are with us mentally, but have not reached the point action beyond going to the polls.

There are two sets of responsibilities operating here. Before we discuss the responsibilities of others who could be doing more… we need to look at responsibilities of the guy (or girl) in the mirror. Over the past year or so, many of us have become more aware of our shrinking freedoms, of corruption in high places and the truth about our founding fathers. We have been sharing it amongst ourselves and affinity groups like Facebook.

We need to break out of our cocoons. We are, in some ways, in as much of an echo chamber as the folks inside the beltway. We have seen some successes like the recent victory by Rand Paul, and the defeat of Bob Bennett. However, to keep the ball rolling and send DC’s resident evil packing, we need to get our sleeping friends out of their own little worlds to insure their children and grandchildren still have our wonderful country to enjoy.

Each of us may well be the one our friends turn to for insights into the events of the day. We now need to take it one step further… and get them involved in rising up to defend the land of the free and home of the brave. We need to get the point across that if we don’t get this socialist/global warming fraud/anti-Christian administration behind us, the rest of our day to day concerns won’t amount to a hill of beans.

Help us, help your country by encouraging these well meaning, but short sighted friends to join the fray. Polls tell us our issues are ringing true with the American people. They just need to be mobilized. The sleeping giant needs to be awakened. On the other hand, if you have been cheering from the sidelines, come on out get involved, the thrill of victory will be so much greater if you’ve played a part.

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  • Antonio Navarro Jr said,

    How to say what I am about to say,in love and with love? To begin with, I am not erudite and I can hardly write anything that can be considered clear and to the point, but with God,s help I will say what He says. First and above all. love The Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul and all your might and your neighbour as yourself. He also tells us to love our enemies, do good to those who persecute us, be kind,patient,never keep account of wrongs done to you, plus a few other things like love one another so the world will see what it means to be a christian. I honestly do not see any of these qualities in any of those promoting what you are promoting.
    It has just come to mind that I ought to tell you that I have actually listened to many who are, without a doubt, disciples of Satan (without their being aware of it) who do nothing but use the Bible and quote it continuously to get their message accross. They actually believe with all their heart that they are true christians. But what they promote, is nothing but antiChris. They are true modern pharisis, thinking that they know the Word Of God, but as The Lord said, they are nothing but white washed toombs, full of corruption

  • Elmer said,

    While I’m sure the gentleman means well, he has a rather narrow view of Christian Charity and shows little understanding of the implications of some of the things promoted in its name. For a more complete discussion, I would suggest checking out the post named Christian Charity at

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