Careful, Your Priorities Are Showing

Posted by Larry Miller on May 9, 2010 under Why | Be the First to Comment

opryfloodSeveral recent tragic events have shown the priorities of the current administration are skewed away from those of the normal Americans. What we can learn from seemingly unrelated events shows a disturbing divergence of thinking between the citizens and those who see themselves as the elites.

Twenty nine miners died in a April 6, 2010 explosion in Montcoal WV. Eleven oil rig workers were apparently incinerated fifty some miles out at sea and an yet to be determined number of people died as the Cumberland River ravaged Tennessee. All were devastating to the families and friends of those involved, yet because of the way they meshed with Barack Obama’s agenda, they were all treated differently by the formerly main stream media.

Our fearless leader made a big deal and show of morning the men who did the dangerous work of going underground and digging out the filthy energy source called coal. The disaster occurred in a dark blue state and could be tied to numerous violations of federal regulations… the saviors of us all and it was one more opportunity to show how evil those money grubbing corporations are. Beyond this, it gave the the United Mine Workers additional impetus for unionizing those awful non-union operations. It was a win all around for crisis manager, Rahm Emanuel and company… but not for the families who lost fathers, sons brothers and friends.

There is usually an element of truth the administrations position, but we must be watchful that we are not getting the whole story. One aspect to keep an eye on is the stated goal of the administration is to drive the coal companies out of business. The fly in the ointment is much of the mining is unionized. The conflict between the man-purse carrying enviros and the union members and leadership is obvious.

The oil rig explosion that ended the lives of eleven workmen getting so much press as an ecological disaster – which it really was – that the workers are almost forgotten. The blast happening just scant weeks after after the administration announced a theoretical opening of several off-shore areas. Of course this crisis brought that to an end.

Admittedly we are seeing massive environmental implications, the the death of the workers is lost in the policy driven coverage. Where our TV screens were filled with distraught families awaiting news from the mining rescue teams, then their horror as they received the awful news, I saw nothing of the families of the lost rig workers. I guess it just wasn’t that important… besides they were just bringing us more of that terrible polluting energy source.

Flooding in Tennessee as been all but ignored by the President and his cohorts. Bodies are still being counted as this is being written and the water is receding. Why would this be? Could it be that despite the state being the home of environmental icon, Algore, the flooding of this red state, populated by Bible and gun clingers did not rate remembrance during Obama’s appearance at the National Day of Prayer, where as, those foreigners in Haiti and Chile were discussed. It’s kind of like the thirty thousand plus American soldiers defending the border of south Korea while we have not one defending our own border. I guess they’ve forgotten charity begins at home.

This is not to say that everything is partisan. The massively expensive Tennessee Valley Authority which was built by master progressive Franklin Roosevelt, at a cost far beyond any flood damage it could prevent. was supposed to keep this sort of thing from happening. Sometimes, the less said about some things the better, it would seem.

Life goes on in each case, we can’t bring back those lost in these tragedies, but we shouldn’t permit them to be used… or not used… to distort public perceptions to further agendas that are the antithesis of the American spirit handed down from our founders. They were great men. Somehow I can’t believe they were the last.

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