The Myth of the Fiscal Conservative

Posted by Larry Miller on March 15, 2010 under How | Be the First to Comment

lindsey-graham1There are some who live in a fantasy world that believe moral values are not necessary to maintaining a solid conservative government. They reject the idea that it takes a firm set of convictions to stop government waste and intrusion. They call themselves “fiscal conservatives” and want us to believe that the only qualification to be worthy of our support is to be in favor of a smaller government that minimizes its interference in their lives and lowers our taxes. Many of them do this in the guise of promoting what they call a “big tent” party.

They are ones who want to believe that killing unborn children is all right, but they still want lower taxes. While this specious goal may be theoretically attainable, in practice, it has never worked out. We are told that the death of innocent children and acceptance of aberrant lifestyles is something we should overlook so we can reduce the roll of government in our lives. To some extent it is possible to accept the premise that the national government has no business regulating these practices… if its hands are tied so it does not prevent the states from doing to.

The reality is that when the chips are down and the bare knuckle brawl begins, it is generally only the hard core fiscal AND social conservatives that are standing strong against higher taxes and beltway intrusion. So many of those who would have us believe their “fiscal conservatism” alone would save us have fallen by the wayside as they cave to the pressures of the progressives who have no such moral dilemmas or sell their allegiance to the highest bidder. These progressives and their corporate cronies know they want power, and power comes from bigger and bigger government operations.

Why is it Senators like Jim DeMint and Rick Santorum stood firm while many who talked a good game fell prey to the schemes of their godless opposition? Why is it that Congressmen and women like Michelle Bachmann, Mike Pence and Randy Forbes take courageous stands against the pressures of even their own party organizations? It is because they have a moral compass that helps them understand the difference between right and wrong.

Before we go too far down the road of canonizing any… even the best of our elected representatives, we have to grasp the fact that the last perfect person walked on water, healed the sick and was hung on a cross. Having the right values does not negate a person’s fallible humanity. I’m sure it is possible to point to some event in each life where they missed the mark, so let’s not fall into the trap of holding these people to a higher standard than we apply to ourselves… a standard based more on intentions than results.

It has been said the courage is the one virtue that insures all others. The thing that most “fiscal conservatives” don’t seem to grasp is that values are nice, and I could agree with many of their values, yet unless one has the courage and stamina to see the battle through to the end, the values themselves mean nothing. Unless they have the courage of Rachel Scott as she faced the deranged gunman at Columbine High School, they will not stand up to the tremendous pressures and temptations of the most powerful deliberative body in the world.

We hear speeches about picking battles, how people expect results or how something, anything, must be done. Unfortunately what is not done is the job at hand. In the end, what we get from most “fiscal conservatives” are promises, excuses and stories of things we just don’t understand the complexities of the issues or that things are just done a particular way in the house or senate. And the result is that they sound almost like Democrats.

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