The Lie Of The Illegal Immigrant Taxpayer

Posted by Larry Miller on January 31, 2010 under Why | Be the First to Comment

illegal immigrant signDemocrats, desperate for votes, have taken to promoting the idea of legitimizing illegal immigrants under the guise of adding them to the rolls of taxpayers and getting them to pay their share. This idea appeals to the many hard working Americans who do their jobs and pay their taxes… just happy to get some kind of a refund rather than having to dig deeper into their already depleted pockets to give our “betters” in Washington more money to waste.

While the tax code is somewhat public knowledge – as much as any set of rules that massive can be, most of middle America is blissfully unaware that not only do the bottom 50% pay no income tax, many actually receive appreciably more than they pay into the system. Through the magic of what the IRS calls refundable credits, such as earned income, child and child care credit, it is not unusual for someone in these tax brackets to receive a refund two to three times the amount that was withheld for taxes.

This may seem incredible to the average taxpayer, but it is a truth we are living with and paying for. Some will say we should not begrudge these people the extra cash in their pockets as they don’t have too much. There is an element of truth for those of us who care about those around us and individually we should do all we can for them. However, when done as a matter of national policy, what it amounts to is something near and dear to the hearts of progressives through out the land… and that is the transfer of wealth from those evil folks who earn their pay and have the audacity to want to keep it. This wealth transfer is their time honored technique for using taxpayer money to buy the votes that keep themselves in office.

Many illegal aliens would fall into the category of receiving major refunds… and would be bonded forever to the Democrat Party. Once again, the progressives inside the beltway are trying to sell us something based on our definition of fairness (illegals paying taxes), only to institute their own version of fairness (someone else pays the bills).

The American people have been taken in far too often by the slick lipped political types who have agendas that don’t even come close our own. And this tax deficit is just the beginning. Minor details like accelerating the demise of Social Security and substantially increasing the burden on the health care system in true Cloward-Piven fashion are all features of this diabolical scheme.

Knowledge is power and the American people cannot afford to be taken for a ride on this one. I can only do so much to spread the word, each of us need to deny our congressmen and senators a moments peace until this idea goes down in flames along with health care and cap and tax.

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