Principle or Power?

Posted by Larry Miller on October 25, 2009 under How | 2 Comments to Read

Sarah PalinWe see in the New York’s 23rd Congressional district a microcosm of the travails of the present day Republican Party. It reveals two basic political philosophies, one that has led the party into defeat and disrepute and one that actually puts the good of the country over the party’s vested interests. Those who consider themselves Republicans first see only the replacement of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House… along with the power and perks of committee chairmanships. They are chasing form over substance and purpose.

This kind of thinking lets Republicans believe they have a majority when they can never really get them to act like a majority. It is the thinking that populates their caucuses with the likes of Lindsey Graham and Olympia Snowe, who can be relied upon to help the party snatch defeat from the jaws of victory at regular intervals. They become like “that splintered reed of a staff, which pierces a man’s hand and wounds him if he leans on it!” as II Kings 18:21 describes it.

Working for the victory of just anyone who calls themselves a Republican puts the party in a position where being named as one means nothing in reality. I could call myself a table… but that would not make me one. When Newt Gingrich and the National Republican Congressional Committee endorsed Dede Scozzafava, they joined the New York State United Teachers, the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local #2, the Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Central Trades and Labor Council, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 910 (can anyone say ‘card check’), Senator Susan Collins, ACORN, and the Daily Kos!

Beyond this, what else would make one think that Scozzafava is not worthy of Republican organizational support? She is in favor of homosexual marriage and abortion.  She is not opposed to tax increases… she has refused to sign a no tax hike pledge, she supports bailouts, stimulus bills, card-check, earmarks and the like. Even the Democrats call her a tax-hiking liberal… and they know tax-hiking liberals! After supporting such a candidate, how can Republican leadership come to the people and present themselves as the answer to the Obamination? What is the point?

Many conservative and libertarian voters have long since recognized the folly of letting party affiliation determine their vote. Along with Chuck Baldwin they will tell you that “Voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil”. Only this time, the Republican may actually be the greater of the two evils in spite of her NRA endorsement… an endorsement that illustrates the danger of being a single issue voter and ignoring the big picture.

On the other hand, we see people who have a history of standing for the freedoms that Republicans tell us they stand for backing an independent candidate Doug Hoffman. The man is not as connected to the party leadership and interests that would like to see one more liberal tinkering with our lives, but he is carrying the banner for all those in the district, and perhaps around the country, who believe in the good of the country over blind party loyalty.

Sarah Palin’s recently publicized endorsement of Hoffman is only the latest of those with impeccable Republican pedigrees… including former Majority Leader Dick Armey, Senator Rick Santorum, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Congressman Todd Tiahrt… and the Eagle Forum. Other than Armey, most of Hoffman’s supporters are part of a new face of the Republican Party. They harken back to a time when people could look at a party label and have a pretty good idea of who would be the big government redistributionist and who would stand against them.

If the Republican Party is to survive as force to actually accomplish something of value it cannot continue to permit people who share little of the values of the rank and file supporters to carry the banner and purport to represent the people. The old thinking of “our team” verses “their team” has to give way to looking at what is good for the country. The conniving and abandonment of principle that has given rise to the distaste many have for the party label has to be replaced by a respect for the values of the people and replaced by an absolute respect for the difference between right and wrong… or Republican victories will mean merely a slower form of national suicide than under the Democrats.

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  • admin said,

    Since this posting, news has surfaced that Scozzafava has funneled some of the RNC and NRCC money into a company owned by her brother and sister in law that was not incorporated until eight days after her nomination. Somehow this does not pass the smell test.

  • John Dixon said,

    The GOP won’t win solid until it is willing to lose on principle. A true principle is worth losing an election over, it’s worth losing your life over.

    That is true power and the kind people instinctively recognize. That built in ability in us to recognize authenticity is alluded to when Christ Himself says the ‘sheep will know the voice of their Master’.

    People have not awarding victories to the GOP because it never fulfilled it’s main promises of smaller government, protecting National Security by way of the borders. or reduce spending. It failed to govern as a majority when it had the whole enchilada. Americans don’t reward failure. In fact they (GOP) are in practice no different than their competitors the Democrats.

    SP is a fine woman but bowing out of office is a yoke she will carry for the rest of her career – it remains to be seen if she can overcome it.

    The question here is that since the GOP and Dems have colluded so carefully as to maintain a iron grip on the regulation to make it hard for individual citizens to challenge them outside of the party mechanism can we turn the juggernaut around and even better can we dismantle it? Voting for the lessor of evils is evil. The GOP will be given back seats soon- not because they deserve them but because they have rigged the system to prevent any other option.. They will play this up in triumphalism and certain naive will think they have effected change. But the change those Republicans get will be the same “Change” so many have received from Obama. It will only be gift wrapped in Red rather than Blue.

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