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Posted by Larry Miller on October 19, 2009 under How | Be the First to Comment

tv12bIt was a cold and sometimes drizzly and blustery day in central Virginia Saturday, but that didn’t mean the struggles we face take a holiday… just because it’s inconvenient or uncomfortable to be out and about, the struggles do not end. The first event of the day began with the “Can You Hear Us Now” gathering outside the Richmond NBC affiliate. I chose Channel 12 because, unlike the other two stations, this one wasn’t located in on of the “nicer” sections of town. It turned out my guess was right as, even though we had twenty or so patriots with their signs, it was the smallest of the groups.

It was, however, a great group and we carried our message to the public at least, as we got no official response from the station, granted these places have minimal staff on duty over the weekend. However, other than homeward bound traffic, we saw the more people going past the location than any other time during the week. We were under the observation and protection of three motorcycle officers across the street as the city had been notified that we would be making our case. There were a surprising number of positive responses though from the people driving by… I didn’t see any negative reactions, even though some just turned away when they read our signs. It was a good time and several thousand Richmonders saw that we were not happy with the deference NBC shows to the big government politicians.

From there, I went over to the Republican Round Up held by the House Minority Whip. As it has been for the last several years, it was a gathering of Republican faithful from Virginia’s 7th District and around the commonwealth. The weather was still inhospitable, but the barbeque was good.

tv12cOne thing that was new this year was the presence of several hundred supporters of the second amendment protesting the location of the event. They even had a plane flying overhead with signs about guns saving lives and congressional sell out. This is something that should not have been and could easily have been avoided. These gun owners are a key constituency of the congressman and tend to side with the Republicans when treated with respect. This respect has been sorely lacking over the past years as the event was always held at this location that takes upon itself to ban legal guns from the premises.

Over the years, members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League (the premier gun rights group in the state) have moved from civil and respectful requests to have a location with a less myopic view of gun rights, to this year’s active and vocal protest. Every year, the congressional district leadership ignored their concerns and proceeded with their thumb-in-the-eye plans. I cannot speak to the reasons for this lack of constituent recognition, whether it had to do with keeping financial supporters happy, proximity to the the congressman’s office, or what, but it did created totally unnecessary hostility. It may just be that there is the same attitude of elitist invincibility that lead to similar treatment of the tea partyers. These people can only be put off for so long before they just move on and, like the Republicans themselves did in 1854, form a third party.

From there, I went to a Diversity Reception with gubernatorial candidate, Bob McDonnell. The unique thing about the Republican idea of diversity is that there were people from all sorts of ethnic backgrounds. I guess I represented the German, English and American Indian contingent… but no one was checking and marking off each group to make sure we were all there. Each of us was there seeking our common good. There was no sense of any group trying to gain an advantage over the others. Everyone knew that each individual would only prosper as the country itself prospered… the opposite of the left as explained by tax foe, Grover Norquist, “The left is not made up of friends and allies; it is made up of competing parasites” It was one of the more pleasant political events that I’ve had the privilege of attending.

Finally, Sunday evening, I had the pleasure of sitting down to watch the video, Not Evil Just Wrong. It documents the many fallacies in Algore’s overhonored honored, but under researched film that told us that we were destroying the earth and we were all going to die. Well the second part is true eventually, but not because of the first. The filmmakers put a human face on the cost of following the global warming / climate change fantasy. There is so much information that it would probably take half a dozen viewings to absorb it all, if indeed, that is even possible.

Algore and his friends desperately want us to believe the science is settled and debate on his assertions needs to cease. He is almost right. The pseudo-science is settled… the real science is not. Buy a copy, borrow a copy or do what you have to do to see this video. It will give you the facts that backup what many of us have known instinctively. There is strong science to support the opposition to government controls that will hurt families, kill jobs and, worst of all, consign millions to premature death. Remember, the truth will set you free.

I hope every reader had a good weekend, but more than that, I hope each one did two things. First, I hope they did something to further the cause of freedom… which is one of the highest callings we have. Second, I would hope everyone learned something new to enrich their lives and move them closer to understanding the truth about our great country. Taking a line from the left when they want to do something to us that completely defies common sense and they want to bypass our logic… we need to do it “for the children”.

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