A Scientific World In Denial

Posted by Larry Miller on October 15, 2009 under How | Be the First to Comment

algoreA brief check of the Drudge Report yesterday afternoon showed some interesting headlines. Individually they show what’s happening in some localities around our country. The first one read “Heavy snow expected in PA…”, and this is only mid-October. Next came “Chicago record breaking cold continues…”, followed by “Montana records fall…”. Then there was one more “FORECASTS BLOWN: ’09 Atlantic hurricane season quietest in decade…”. There is on theme running through these news stories: GLOBAL WARMING AINT HAPPENING!

We see headlines like this almost every day, everywhere but on the evening news and most newspapers. The stories behind these headlines tell us the supposedly warming planet is indeed CCOOOLLLLDDDD! The last one gives lie to the predictions of heavy weather events triggered by a climate spiraling out of control.

What we see on the evening news is puff pieces on Algore and warnings about the poor polar bears drowning because of shrinking ice flows. The only problem is these stories just are not true.

Worse yet, the Tides Foundation is supplying a video to public schools called “The Story of Stuff”, which if it were true, would mean that we would have about four acres of woodlands left. Again the truth is sacrificed to make a point. And the point is being made to young minds that don’t have the background and resources to recognize the lies for what they are.

We are up against a movement that is based solely on defective computer models. Some may recognize it, but they have so much emotional investment in the global destruction mythology that they will do what they can preserve their fantasy. They can be presented will all sorts of facts showing them the truth… but it will not register.

Many of us joke about the about colder temperatures just being more proof that the world is getting warmer… but to the true believer, everything is proof. It’s like the wino on the street corner using the lamp post more for support than illumination. Statistics will always be interpreted through the lens of their irrational notions.

For many leading the movement, it’s hard to believe that they don’t comprehend the many gaps between theory and reality. Many of us have believed for a long time that the global warming / climate change movement was all primarily about control and expansion of government. Recently deposed Climate Czar Van Jones epitomizes this thinking. They see much more than a cooler planet. The fact is that there is nothing we can to do actually impact the the temperature of the earth… but there is plenty that can be done to manipulate the good people of the USA in the name of protecting the planet.

This puts us in an awkward position of taking part in an all out battle with those who would be our masters while many of their followers, our friends and neighbors, have swallowed their story and really believe Miami will soon be underwater.

How to deal with this? It’s a puzzlement, but we need to keep this differential in mind as we seek to spare our offspring from living under an ecodictatorship. How many movements have led sincere people in wrong directions to do absolutely terrible things? This is the dilemma we face. We must do all we can get through to our friends and neighbors to can cut off the support these elites depend on for their survival. Failing that, we just have to do all we can to bring these beltway bandits to the end they deserve.

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