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Posted by Larry Miller on March 26, 2009 under How | Be the First to Comment

As we dig deeper into the governments’ suspicions of American citizens, we see the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) was not the only body looking askance at our everyday activities. We see another coming from the cradle of our liberty, Virginia! In a manual titled “Terrorism & Security Awareness Orientation for State Employees” the public servants were told that along with racist and hate groups, psychopated animal rights advocates and street gangs they should be watchful of people who stood up for property rights and religious extremists. No made mention of Islamofascists… just religions in general. I guess they thought, or hoped others would think, that followers of Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson were just as likely to kill their neighbors in large numbers as those trained in Al Qaeda camps in the mountains of Afghanistan.

In a further indication that they are grasping at straws and don’t really know how to identify the bad guys, state employees were told to watch for people carrying such dangerous weapons as: cameras, small tape recorders, maps, notebooks, SCUBA gear and disguises. Now, other than the disguises, it sounds like many of us going on vacation. Anyone who as been to the capitol that Mr. Jefferson designed in Richmond or any of the other historic buildings and monuments knows that some of these things are almost obligatory for tourists walking the city streets. Then they have the gall to watch for groups that want to “influence government or social policy”… as if anyone of would want to do that. Oh yes, that’s what political parties, corporations and public service groups do all the time.

Back in the days of the Clinton Administration, the Phoenix office of the FBI issued a flier called “Freedom in the 21st Century” which told police to watch for such depravity as defending our constitution against the US government and the UN or not being particularly social.

In fairness to law enforcement, there is usually a pattern of behavior that accompanies criminal or terrorist actions. The only problem is that effective terrorists blend into their surroundings and usually don’t call attention to themselves by open opposition to the system.

It appears that we have those in government grouping citizens just looking to be left alone with those who want to destroy our country. Stopping terrorists is their job… protecting themselves against the people they hurt is something they do for survival. Rather than look into why people are upset, they are looking to keep an eye on those who protest. It is odd that when the hated George Bush was in office, dissent was patriotic, now it is suspect. We have a government that is in self preservation mode because they realize people are waking up to the disappearance of our God given rights and our country.

The point of all this is that we are moving further from the freedom and greatness that our country once was. People don’t trust the government, the government doesn’t trust the people. As Christians, we have been told to “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.” and most of us try to do this. However, because our primary loyalties are to our God, rather than Washington, we are looked on with suspicion. Is it possible for any of us find ourselves in the position of Danial, or Shadrach, Meshach and Abedego as the increasingly secular government makes more and more demands for our resources and our loyalty?

We are living in interesting times… and where does it say we are exempt from struggles and hardships just because we are Americans? Consider the colonial soldiers who spent the brutal winter of 1777-78 at Valley Forge with General Washington. They lacked adequate food, clothing and shelter… most of us haven’t begun to be worthy of their sacrifice.

Need I remind anyone of the price the signers of the Declaration of Independence paid to give us the freedoms we see evaporating day after day? Some died, some lost loved ones, many were bankrupted. There is a price for standing up for what is right. Thomas Jefferson once said “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God” Let’s hope we do not find ourselves in this position… but we need to be prepared if we do.

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