The Winds of Change

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February 12, 2009
I was in Charlottesville, VA when I was awakened at 4:35 AM by an intense howling wind. I could not fall back to sleep and then realized the Lord wanted to speak to me through the wind. I sat up and recorded what He spoke to my heart.


The winds of change are blowing. I’m sweeping across the land and bringing my ways before a people who will bow to me. To those who will submit to Me, their boughs will not snap or be destroyed but will bend and move where I lead.

I am opening paths where there were none before. I’m clearing ways that obstructed my people before. Just like I parted the Red Sea, I will open up a path that will lead to the abundant life I promise My people. The transfer is coming for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

I am placing mighty treasures in the hands of my anointed ones… the ones who are sensitive to my Spirit. To the ones that hear Me howling in the wind. I’m coming through with such power that there will be no doubt it is the great I Am.

I am speeding things up for my people. My winds (ways) are mighty and only those whose eyes are fixed on Me will be able to withstand the force of change.  Only those that trust Me will have a joy and excitement in their heart as they recognize the opportunities I’m laying at their feet.

Be strong and courageous. Do not fear. I am cleaning out the debris and dead weight. I’m removing blockages that caused my people to stumble.

I have heard my people’s prayers and I am answering. Hold on. Hold on to Me and I will make a way where there was no way. Be like the willow tree and bend and adapt to the changing winds. I’m coming through. The King of Glory is coming through and it is a good thing.

Move with My Spirit and be free. Move with My Spirit and allow Me to put you in position to receive the treasure, the mantles, the wisdom, the work, I am placing in your hands.

This is a time of shifting and commissioning of My chosen ones to come forth to receive new strategies to stand victorious in the days ahead.

Only those who hear My Spirit in the winds of change will withstand the forces of darkness. Only those clothed in My might and righteousness will not fear and will be ready and prepared to walk in true wisdom. My light and favor will fall on THESE — and those in want and in fear will come to THEM for direction-and through THEM,  I will lead them to higher ground above the peril and confusion.

I am the eye in the middle of the storm and changing times. Those FIXED on Me will remain calm, safe, and protected.

Keep your ears tuned to My commissioning. Stay prayed up and prepared to move where and when I say.

I honor you for honoring Me. These are exciting times ahead. Come and partake of My goodness and LIVE in My continual blessing. This is My heart and this is My way. Move with Me and LIVE what I have prepared for you.

Spread your wings and fly with Me on the winds of change. You will love the view through My eyes.

Rise up and be not constrained in low living. As one of My very own (Todd Beamer) modeled in history — DO LIKEWISE — as he declared, “LET’S ROLL!”


I am the Creator of the wind and I am in control. REST PERMANENTLY IN ME!

In Christ,

Nancy Slocum

I would like to share this insight. THIS is “IT”, folks – THE GREAT ADVENTURE we’ve all been longing to live. KNOW that God has placed us in this pivotal time in history. It is the believer’s priceless treasure and covenant to be led by the Holy Spirit. It is our responsibility to then walk in the Spirit step by step. It is the Kingdom way, it’s supernatural, and it is a lifestyle.

In this walk of faith, we don’t have to know the whole picture. We just have to intimately KNOW HIM! He holds all the pieces of our lives in His hands. And just like little children, He wants us to trust Him and believe that we can live our wildest dreams that He has placed within us. By knowing the One who loves us completely and gave His life for us, we will know that it is His perfect love that flushes out all fear. If we don’t trust Him and His personal love, we won’t trust His word.

We can do the impossible in Him as we walk it out with  GREAT EXCITEMENT AND EXPECTANCY!!! Let’s become a people who are just like our God Almighty – UNSTOPPABLE!!! — LET’S ROLL!!!

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