Who Do You Trust?

Posted by Larry Miller on February 27, 2009 under Why | Read the First Comment

Many of our problems today come, not from any particular event or situation, but from a lack of confidence to move forward. The stock market is basically in a downward spiral because investors don’t believe problems are being fixed… in fact they believe just the opposite. Banks aren’t lending money… maybe because they don’t have confidence in the economy the borrowers will operate in, or perhaps they feel they’ve been burned and lost confidence in their own ability to make good decisions and they’ve become overly cautious.

It appears that we don’t really have an economic problem… but a confidence problem. It’s not that we lack cash… the Fed is printing paper just as fast as the presses will run. We have a president with no lack of confidence in his ability to do everything short of walking on water. As we haven’t discussed the matter, it may be that he believes it possible to be an aquatic pedestrian. At this point thought, his extreme confidence in himself is not shared by Wall St. or Main St. People have begun saving what money they have and stopped buying much that they really don’t need. The economy is slowly grinding to a halt.

One would think that all the people who voted for the O-man would have the confidence to move the economy forward, yet even they… the bankers who received bailout money… and gave some to his campaign… don’t have the confidence to start the credit flowing again. For the bankers, it’s not a cash shortage, they just received billions of our money from the government, but an unwillingness to lend it out. It’s hard blame them too much as they’ve made a couple too many bad choices with their own money… some because of government rules and intimidation.

We are told that the banks are the key to freeing up the credit that keeps our economy moving. Individuals and companies in debt up to their eyeballs don’t necessarily need more debt to get them out of debt. The same could be said for governments. Somehow many in our population know this instinctively, but it somehow escapes the thinkerbrains in Washington who have no other answers for us. They tell us to have confidence in them… however more and more people aren’t working, and neither are their answers… but they cost us money… they cost our children money… they cost our grandchildren money.

The truth of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s statement, “Who among us would ask our children for a loan, so we could spend money we do not have, on things we do not need? That is precisely what the Democrats in Congress just did. It’s irresponsible…” cannot be overemphasized… and even the kool aid drinkers understand this, however they don’t admit it publicly.

We are facing a crisis of confidence in our financial markets, our businesses, our government, in America… even in ourselves.

What can we believe in, that will get us moving? Perhaps it is the Christians who have confidence that goes beyond the financial institutions and government to listen to the wisdom of God and lead us forward. We are following people who have no idea what they are doing. Watching the current DC drama reminds me of a political consultant who is fond of saying, “Never assume malice when incompetence will do.” If ever there was a time for a calm word of common sense, it is now.

The solutions we are offered are massively more of the same thing that got us into this mess. Of course, they won’t listen to us, just like they ignore Republican objections because, “I won!”. Perhaps we can show our fellow Americans the way out by taking care of our families and refusing to take part in the “sky is falling” rhetoric. Where there are problems, there are also opportunities. The only way to find them is to lose the panic mode and logically assess the situation. Asking for wisdom could go a long to insuring a happy outcome as well.

Someone has to lead our country out of the fix we’re in. The people in charge don’t have the sense to know that when you find yourself in a hole… STOP DIGGING!

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