Don’t Listen to Rush

Posted by Larry Miller on January 25, 2009 under Why | Be the First to Comment

“Don’t listen to Rush”, President Obama instructs Republicans. He tells them that if they are to get along with Democrats they have to stop listening to this kind of negative talk about him and his plans. Then he arrogantly negated suggestions from Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va) with a terse, “Because I won” seeking to shut down input conflicting with his plans.


What the new president and his allies fail to realize is that Mr. Limbaugh is not that powerful.   He has the most listened to talk show on the radio, not because he has that many original thoughts, but because he reflects values held by many Americans. He says things people don’t hear in the mainstream media. He expresses frustrations and desires of many who tune in for encouragement in times when our country does not seem to be working well.


In admonishing members of the minority party to ignore Rush Limbaugh, Mr. Obama is really telling them to stop listening to the concerns of their constituents… as expressed by Mr. Limbaugh. He would, apparently, prefer that they stay inside the beltway bubble and use Democrats as their point of reference.


This intolerance of tough questioning was also evident in his reaction to the Politico reporter during a visit to the White House press room, and even worse, cutting off a Florida TV station because he did not like a question posed to his VP pick, Joe Biden. We see two things at work here, first is the intolerance of other view points… which shows that his efforts at bipartisanship extend only so far as permitting the other side to go along with his plans.


The second factor operating here is the desire to sequester congress from the citizens, limiting their interaction so all they hear is the Obama message. It kind of reminds me of the hypnotists technique: “Listen to my voice… pay attention to my voice… the only thing you will hear is the sound of my voice…” After enough of this treatment, people will drink almost any kind of kool aid and have no clue or concern for the consequences.


Which brings up another thought… is not isolating victims pretty much standard procedure for most cult gurus?  They understand, as does the president, that limiting outside input is the key to unquestioning allegiance. After watching clips from the inauguration and the cultlike breathless enthusiasm of many of his followers I certainly had the uneasy feeling that they were not operating from a common sense foundation.


We need to be most vigilant about our rights of free speech which have been under assault since McCain-Feingold, and the process continues. We now have the president complaining about his critics as congress talks about instituting the old “fairness” doctrine and getting the likes of Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity off the air. These are dangerous times and we cannot accept restrictions on the free exchange of ideas. It makes me wonder what else will they tell us we can’t discuss? All King George wanted to do was take our money and house his soldiers.

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